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Help! High bounce rate, what can I do?

Bounce rate is an important statistic to keep an eye on as it can tell you a lot about your pages and visitors. The bounce rate shows the percentage of users that leave your site after watching only one page. You might say they just bounced of your site as they didn't get past the first page. The most prominent reasons for having a high bounce rate are: you are attracting the wrong visitors or there is a problem with your site.

What you can do to lower the bounce rate

Try and identify pages in your site that have the highest bounce rate and do the following:
  • Check if there are any errors on the page
  • Check if there are internal links(links to other pages of your site) on the page
  • Check if the internal links on the page are sufficiently clear and attractive
Besides checking your site you can also check to see if you can find more information about the visitors that bounced of.
  • Through which external link did visitors come to this page
  • Check which keywords were used to find this page and see if the page is relevant to those keywords
  • If visitors came from your Adwords or other advertising campaign check if the page is sufficiently relevant to the keywords and text of the campaign.

What is Bounce Rate?

The above video is a very interesting explanation of what bounce rate is and how you can use it to find problems on your site.

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