Google AdWords

A quick and guaranteed way to get traffic to your website is by using Google AdWords. Although this service is not free you are guaranteed to get traffic and get to specify how much you are willing or able to pay for it.

Advertising with Adwords

Adwords allows you to create advertising campaigns which can start to run as soon as you finish creating your campaign. Adwords allows you to create various types of campaigns and offers a lot of ways to target your ads so you can better reach your desired audience. In a later article we will discuss the various targeting options that are offered but for now we will discuss the basic principals of advertising with Google AdWords.

Creating your advertisment

Adwords offers various types of ads you can create which include audio ads and ads in printed media but for this article we will stick to online advertising using text ads. Text ads consist of a title and two lines of text and are shown above and to the right of search results when searching on Google. Optional your ad can also be shown on relevant websites in the content network.

Adplacement options

Placing your ad on Google search results page
This is probably the best way to target your ad at a specific audience. You select keywords which are most relevant to your ad and when users search on Google using these keywords your ad is shown. You don't pay for the times your ad is shown, just for the times people click on your ad.

Placing your ad on other sites
You can have your ad placed on other sites within Google's content network. This network consists of websites which have implemented Google Adsense code. Based on the websites content Google desides if a site is relevant to your ad and they show the ad on the site.
  • The content network offers large amounts of expected views of your ad but click rates may be lower
  • The average Cost per Click is usually lower for content advertising than search advertising
  • Traffic is less targeted advertising on the content network which means more chance of reaching the wrong audience

Advertising costs

Ad prices are based on Cost Per Click(CPC) where you pay for each click that is generated by the ad. In Adwords you can specify a maximum price you are willing to pay. Prices vary and depend on the keyword and amount of competition the keyword has. Competition in this case means the amount of other advertisers using this same keyword. Although there are some other factors that determine the price for a keyword you can say that the more advertisers there are using the same keyword the higher the price.

You specify a maximum budget you are prepared to spend on advertising and Adwords will show your ad until your budget is reached. This ensures you will never pay more than the maximum you specified which makes it a relative save way to advertise on the internet.

Important terms