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Show paging:

When checked the module will render paging controls. You can style these controls using CSS.

Pager content:
“Empty” renders the control without content. Use this option if you would like to use images. “Item numbers” renders the control with numbers representing each item. “Item titles” renders the control using the provided item titles. “Item summary” renders the control using the provided item summary. Tip: the summary can contain HTML.

Pager event:
Use this setting to determine which event activates the paging control
  • Mouse over: Hovering will activate the item

  • On Click: Clicking an item will activate it

  • None: Paging items cannot be used to switch between items.

Navigation pane position:
“Left” and “Right” applies a “float” to the pane to render it to the left or right of the items pane. “Default” renders it above the items pane.

Group paging items:
If checked you can group more than one item so the rotator treats them as a single item. This will render previous/next controls to navigate between pager items.

Max. items per group:
The rotator will create groups with this amount of items per group.

You can select transition effects to be applied when navigating between pager groups.

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