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Select the blog you wish to use from the list. If none is selected the blog option is not active.

Blog page:
Select the page you want to link to from the rotator. This should be a page that contains your blog module.

Max. posts:
Select the maximum amount of posts you would like to use in the rotator.

 If you would like to change the way the blog posts are displayed you can change the template. You can use the following tags which will be replaced by your content:
  • [LINKENTRY] This is the title of the post

  • [DATE] This is the post date

  • [DESCRIPTION] This is the post’s short description

  • [READMORE] This is the “read more” link

  • [USERFULLNAME] Author’s First and last name

  • [USERNAME] Author’s Username

  • [BLOGDESCRIPTION] Blog description

  • [BLOGTITLE] Blog title

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