Why should I be exited about the new Services framework?

Since DNN 6.2, DotNetNuke introduced a new feature called the Services Framework. This is a very exiting new addition to DNN. In the soon to be released DNN 7 this new framework will be even better and it will offer a lot of benefits for you as an end user of DNN.

What is Services Framework?

We are not going to go into the technical details here but will try and explain the basics so you know what benefits it will have for you. The DNN Services Framework allows for easy creation of secure web services which can be used to retrieve and send data in a very efficient manner. There is a great probability your modules do a full "postback" every time you click a button. This is a very slow process and makes your module feel sluggish and refreshes the entire page.

What does this mean for me?

The DNN Services Framework allows module developers to retrieve and send data to and from the database in a very efficient manner. It reduces the amount of data being transmitted which has a great impact on speed. This allows for the creation of very responsive web applications. When working with forms or lists in the past could be a frustrating experience because it would take a long time to load the data. The Services Framework can be used to speed up this process making your applications run much faster.

How can I use this for my existing DNN modules?

If you are using custom modules or legacy modules that were built before the existence of the Services Framework chances are you can obtain significant increase in speed by implementing it. Please contact us if you would like us to take a look at your modules and see what approach could be taken to speed them up.